Paypal Payments

PayPal, an Ebay company, lets neighbors securely and conveniently send money online to the HME treasurer as payment for services rendered. 

Have a PayPal account?
As an existing PayPal member, go to the PayPal website, and log in using your pre-established e-mail address and PayPal password. You simply click on the Send Money tab and then enter the e-mail address of the treasurer "[email protected]", amount of the payment and what the payment is for, typically service/other. Click Send Money and you're done.

Don't have a PayPal account?
If you do not have a PayPal account, go to, and set up a Paypal Account

For more information on setting up a Paypal account and using it to send payments visit Paypal's help page.

HME has setup the PayPal method of sending money to ensure that your transaction is secure and painless with the added flexibility of scheduling payments via a credit card at your own choosing.