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Summer 2020

 HME Tennis Courts Re-Open with Cautions and Guidelines

To all -    I wanted to notify to all that at last evening�s HME Board meeting, there was once again significant discussions on this item.   The board vote was not unanimous, but was positive to allow neighbors to use the courts again with expectations to follow guidelines and for participation only if you feel personally safe to do so.   Please fully read the below and these will be posted on the HME website as well.   We do REQUIRE a signed waiver form in advance as an acknowledgement that this is your personal decision.   But based on the info available to the board, we do feel that the court use is reasonable to allow again.   Our HME community has done a good job of social distancing and healthy practices to keep all of us safe, so keep it up!   Make the best choices for yourself, but also with all around you in mind as well.      


** See two attachments as both very important -  HME waiver form plus USTA Player Safety Info. **


BOTH courts are open for TENNIS ONLY provided the following apply for initial opening: 


  1. HME residents only and families that have been living together with local gov�t stay at home rules
  2. NO non-HME guests at this time.   (This will be re-considered again in the future.)
  3. Strict social distancing and all the current, local and federal Gov�t rules for public health must be followed
  4. All players MUST sign the HME waiver before playing and provide a scanned or photo copy to Tom Beggs (tennis chair) at E: [email protected]
  5. Both gates will now be unlocked and open to minimize gate handling.   If one court is in use, you must enter the gate that is closest to the court you will use. 
  6. If there are people waiting, you must limit your time to no more than one hour.  
  7. Wait for players to depart the court before you enter for use. 
  8. Bench seating will be removed from the courts to further encourage social distancing plus the ongoing need to sanitize those.   If you want to bring your own chair to use, that is fine but then remove it upon leaving. 
  9. The attached and recent USTA COVID-19 player tips and recommendations are strongly suggested for everyone to follow for everyone�s safety.  
  10.   Report and issues, concerns or questions to Tennis Chair, Tom Beggs (M 484-844-3622) or any of the HME board members.  But be respectful of their time also.  
  11.  Our rules and policies about court use are designed to encourage safe, healthy practices to protect our community and so it is very important to follow all.   Thanks! 


Regards, Tom Beggs � HME Board member and Tennis Chair


E; [email protected]


Click Here for HME Tennis Waiver

Click Here for USTA Covid Safety Rules